Introducing the magical work of Mike T

Award-winning artist Mike Thompson has spent the last 30 years creating illustrations for clients such as Marvel, Hasbro, Dimension Films, HBO, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, Mattel, DC Comics, and Cartoon Network. Now on Pixeos!

Mike’s work has been featured in books, videogame covers, movie posters, and toy packaging.

Infiniti Motors and Coca-Cola have featured Mike’s art in advertising campaigns, and he received two Clio Awards for the films Hidden Figures and Deadpool 2.

Mike began digitally sculpting six years ago and now has clients that include Sideshow Collectibles, Reel FX, and Nike.

He is a ZBrush Live presenter for Pixologic and can be seen streaming twice a month on their site. As a Wacom partner, Mike recently had a three-week Latin American speaking tour engaging art students in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina.

Pixeos is overly proud to host Mike’s debut to authentic digital artwork collectors with unique and verified artwork that can only be acquired in the Pixeos Gallery.

4ELE- 4 Elements

4 Elements artwork detail (full artwork @

Growing up as a huge fan of the rap culture, The 4 Elements Artwork was painted to pay homage to the four pillars of Hip Hop: the graffiti artist, the breaker, the DJ, and the MC.

It originally was debuted in 2004 as a mural for the National “Kool Mixx DJ and MC contest” where it caught the attention of rapper/producer Kanye West. After seeing the piece, Mike was commissioned to create an illustration that was featured in the “Jesus Walks” video off his smash debut album, “The College Dropout.” This union of Kanye’s vision coupled with Mike’s execution gained the attention of many relevant figures in the “urban art "scene.

Mike later recreated the painting to be featured in Jordan Sommers, “Hip-Hop a Cultural Odyssey.” A 420-page giant-format leather-bound coffee table book. The book was composed of 250 original essays by 30 authors, images captured by celebrated photographer Jonathan Mannion of 40 legendary rappers, and one painting(4ELE) by Mike Thompson. To celebrate the book launch, the painting was displayed at the LA Grammy Museum along with LL Cool J’s hat, Run DMC’s Adidas, and other iconic hip hop memorabilia.

Orange color flows through the piece as these legends of this cultural movement are depicted performing their art. Graffiti artist and pioneer, Lady Pink, next to her legendary breaker Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew, on turntables Grandmaster Flash, one of the greatest DJ’s and pioneer of hip-hop, and finally, Jay Z to close this remarkable depiction of super-heroes of Hip Hop culture, originally a quadriptych and now one artwork available for purchase on the Pixeos Gallery as a provably unique and for the first time genuinely ownable digital print.

4 Elements is the first of a series of unique and limited editions by Mike T to be published in the upcoming months on the Pixeos Gallery.

Pixeos is working with Mike on the production of phygital collectibles that will come equipped with the Pixeos Phygital system and amazing digital content in the bundles.

Stay tuned to this incredible and other Artnerships to unfold in

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