Pixeos and Canvia Art Collectors Contest

Canvia Frames showcased in house environments
Canvia frames showcased in home environments

To celebrate the announcement of Pixeos and Canvia ARTnership, the Canvia Art Frame raffle is about to start. One of our collectors that buys art in the Pixeos gallery will get a Canvia Smart Frame, that will allow users to display their Pixeos Gallery collection, exclusively on their wall like a physical painting (unlike TV apps that just display standard collections our idea is to showcase your very own artworks to you and your close ones).

It’s simple. Any artwork purchased in the Pixeos Gallery from 4th of July to the 4th of August is a ticket to the contest.

The more art you collect, the more chances to get a Canvia!

The winner will be announced on August 15.

Don´t miss the chance to start collecting digital art in the Pixeos Gallery and get acquainted with the fastest NFT art gallery in the world and its extra-talented community of digital artists.

Thanks to Luqaz for this video!
  1. In the upper right corner click the “Register” button, fill in the data with your name, email, and password. A verification email will be sent to activate your account.
  2. Connect the EOS account and wallet to the gallery. If you have not used any EOS wallet before, we suggest Wombat. Wombat provides a free EOS account and manages your blockchain resources for free, up to 5 actions per day. Refer to this article about Wombat.
  3. The gallery must be connected to the blockchain wallet to function. Make sure that the wallet is active on the background, or that you enter the platform from the mobile app of the wallet (in case of a mobile phone). The gallery can be found in the Games tab of the Wombat wallet — Dapps list.
  4. Our gallery runs on blockchain and we accept 2 different tokens as payment methods for the artworks, EOS, and our “artcoin” Pixeos.

EOS can be acquired in mainstream crypto apps like Coinbase, Binance, Crypto.com, or Changelly. After getting your EOS, you can transfer EOS to your Wombat wallet and get Pixeos in these trading platforms:

5. Once you are all set and the EOS account is connected to your profile (follow 4 easy steps in the profile settings), you can buy or bid on your favorite artworks!

Contest Disclaimer: Canvia can currently be shipped to the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Only collectors residents or with a shipping address in the mentioned countries will be eligible to receive their Canvia.

Pixeos and Canvia are not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your prize after shipping. All fees imposed after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (custom, country taxes, etc.).

Canvia frames showcased in professional environmets
Canvia frames showcased in professional environments

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