Pixeos and Moonpay partner up to make it easier for everyone to collect art.

Pixeos and Moonpay have partnered up to make digital art collectability more accessible and allow everyone to buy digital art and physical artworks and collectibles in the future.

Pixeos unique and authenticated digital artworks are provably original with the power of the proprietary Pixeos non-fungible tokens and verification systems.

What was considered just an image on the internet now becomes unique and the ownership of unique assets is assured by the Pixeos technology. A new breed of collectors is born in times when physical exhibitions are not as visitable as before. Everlasting royalties for creators at artists reach.

One of the biggest challenges for collectors in Pixeos is to get EOS to be able to buy and bid on art.

MoonPay provides the ultimate EOS gateway service from fiat to EOS and in the future other currencies. This will result in excellent opportunities for collectors and artists to use their credit cards to interact with the Pixeos gallery and users will be able to swap fiat to crypto without leaving the platform.

In addition, Pixeos expects new collectors to be encouraged by the facilitated experience of collecting unique digital art.

It is essential to ensure easy onboarding for everyone. For Pixeos, which is the only EOSIO-built art marketplace in the world, making it the fastest and less expensive platform of its kind, the number of users is growing every day, and the business alliance with MoonPay, which provides the technology and support for approaching a wider audience, and the opportunity to empower its position in the industry.

Artist or collector can top up their EOS account by simply registering in the MoonPay system, providing name, and email address (for the operations under 50 euro). For higher amounts, users will have to provide a bit more information such as ID, and selfie (under 5k euro), and Proof of Address (under 10k euro).

MoonPay supports more than 160 countries and follows compliance rules including anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) practices.

“Pixeos is transforming provenance for artists and collectors with proprietary NFTs. We are happy to be powering simple EOS purchase experiences to the Pixeos gallery and users for cryptocurrency to be easily accessible to anyone”

Ivan Soto-Wright, Moonpay CEO

“The Moonpay integration is a huge milestone for our users not acquainted with crypto trading and swapping platforms to get EOS seamlessly with a credit card without leaving the gallery. Moonpay is definitely the perfect fit for our future as a compliant fiat gate.”

Fred Nogueira, Pixeos CEO

Easy access to Moonpay FIAT/Crypto widget on the Pixeos Gallery Menu.
Follow simple steps to buy EOS and start collecting art.

Pixeos keeps on working to deliver full accessibility to digital and physical art to everyone.

Stay tuned to the Pixeos revolution.

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