Pixeos and White Page Gallery/s to bring NFT adoption to artists community

Glitch art collaboration by Domenico Barra and Fred Nogueira *Pixeos CEO*

We are excited to announce that Pixeos has established a new ARTnership with Altered_Data’s White Page Gallery to enrich the artist community in our platform. This is the first ARTnership of such nature that will revolve around digital art collectability popularization.

Pixeos is bridging the gap between traditional and digital art interpretation and building advanced tech infrastructure for artists and collectors. Fomenting the accessibility of art in all forms, Pixeos provides scalable solutions for all artists to monetize tamper-proof and verified digital and soon physical art.

Glitch art collaboration by Domenico Barra and Fred Nogueira *Pixeos CEO*

Altered_Data’s White Page Gallery is a web page space for digital art hosted by Domenico Barra happening in the network and community of the White Page Gallery/s.

White Page Gallery/s is a decentralized and distributed art network born in June 2019: it is an online network for artistic sharing composed of artists, curators, academics, festivals and cultural operators who host independently on their website offering exhibition opportunities and professional assistance without the aim of profit, art projects made and curated by others.

White Page Gallery/s focus on the social value of artistic curation as its presupposition: the WPG/s network is based on values such as solidarity, hospitality, inclusion, altruism, and mutual support.

After one year of numerous activities, the experience of White Page Gallery/s in the scene of net art and online digital art made us aware that due to the critical international situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, artists conditions got worse, many opportunities and jobs went lost and too many are the artists going through hard times and something must be done to support them.

White Page Gallery/s goes to a next level in their mission to support artists aiming to create a resourceful ground where artists involved in projects hosted by the many White Page Gallery/s online will still be able to show their works online and receive support and exposure but also have the chance to put their art up for sale and this will happen on the blockchain.

Due to those necessities and in this cultural and historical frame the collaboration between Altered_Data’s White Page Gallery and Pixeos is born.

Artists are intimately familiar with the issue of protecting their assets, making them a prime target to spark another wave of blockchain adoption. With over 300 artworks sold across the globe since Pixeos beta launch in April, we are ready to introduce the concept of NFTs to non-crypto artists and collectors.

The crypto-art industry is primed to see massive expansion through the introduction of opportunities of NFT assets. We’re excited to collaborate with Altered_Data’s White Page Gallery to augment blockchain art-industry with the real-world artists.

Pixeos and the Altered_Data’s White Page Gallery see great potential in the upcoming wave for collectible digital art authenticated and certified by non-fungible tokens. Our initial integration will start with the education and onboarding of artists of the community who are fairly new to blockchain.

Beyond that, Altered_Data’s White Page Gallery will use Pixeos as the recommended digital art marketplace.

Pixeos is working on more features for art collectives, so stay tuned!

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Web: https://pixeos.io/ ; https://gallery.pixeos.art/

Telegram: https://t.me/PIXEOS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eos_pix

Domenico Barra

Web: http://www.dombarra.art/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/domibarra

White Page Gallery

Web: http://www.whitepagegallery.network/

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