Pixeos improves onboarding and makes it available to everyone to publish and collect art.

The growing demand for addressing the issues and needs of the art industry meets blockchain technology with Pixeos gallery’s latest update, opening the gate for every user not yet acquainted with blockchain technology and its applications.

Art and collectibles in digital form are trending and numbers in the global collectibles market are impressive. NFTs as the registry and transactional technology is opening new horizons for these markets.

GlitchCast_12_10_20.02 by Domenico Barra (Italy)

Art is part of a larger trend, where revenues for total art and collectibles are growing 6% yearly. Forbes reports that the digital collectibles industry using blockchain technology will grow into a $200 billion annual revenue opportunity for collectibles sellers globally.

We have quite a few new vectors on development at the moment. Custodianship provides a unique possibility of interaction with blockchain technology for goods and services for the mainstream user that is not willing or has no time to learn new technology steps to interact with the dApps.

The art and collectibles industry is a market already worth billions of dollars in which an effectively working and scalable blockchain can bridge sustainably both worlds. That’s what Pixeos is consistently building while trends come and go in the actual NFT scene.

How does it work?

New users register using email and password, and that’s pretty much it. The gallery takes care of the blockchain part, allowing users to top up their accounts with a credit card, using MoonPay on the “Deposit’’ option in the menu.

From the moment you make your first deposit, Pixeos generates your blockchain account and you can manage your gallery actions without the need for an external blockchain wallet to do it.

Every existing and future account without a blockchain wallet is now ready to act in the gallery with a simple deposit via the “Deposit” option on the menu.

To activate your address to interact with the gallery (publishing art and buying art) make your first deposit using the “Deposit” option. Custodian accounts can transfer (cash out) funds to external wallets and exchanges.

Gallery profiles with an EOS account already linked no longer need the email and password to sign in. EOS wallet users must have the wallet active and just click on the wallet icon on the sign-in box in the gallery.

We are excited to help more artists and collectors steering the direction of the art industry. Pixeos growing art ecosystem will bring technology and best practices to empower and make art and collectibles more protected than ever.

Blockchain wallet users.

The EOS blockchain accounts option is also improved and EOS wallets users don’t need anymore to login with email to sign in, the simple wallet authentication happens with the push of a button. Just make sure your wallet is active.

Homepage improvement.

Aiming for an easier understanding of the marketplace and clearer product placement we have restructured our main page!

Users can now see not only the latest issued pieces but recommended, physical art sections and coming soon, the first line of digital collectibles ever published on the Pixeos gallery.

Stay tuned — more updates to come!

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