Pixeos Monthly Digest — August 2020

Monthly Highlights — Don’t Fight — Educate

Important tech and product updates, new artists on board, and much more happening in the Pixeos world in this 5th edition of the Pixeos Monthly Digest.🙌

Tech Updates

🤩 We launched 3D GLB assets support. It’s an interesting feature, and we are aiming to develop this functionality further paving the way to VR.



As previously announced, Jon Noorlander’s collection of 21 fine digital art pieces, called ‘Sculptures’, exclusive in Pixeos Gallery is published.

Sculpture 02 by Jon Noorlander

First physical artist powered by blockchain immutable provenance — Natalia Gedranovich

Silence by Natalia Gedranovich. (2017) Oil, canvas. 100x75 cm.
NFC chip Pixeos Phygital 3.5cm

Pixeos joins SENSE Chat

SENSE makes messaging private and secured, also allowing users to transfer payments and engage in the lives of the companies, and communities. Pixeos is one of the projects that open early access for its supporters, making it possible for them to join SENSE Chat pre-launch. The Chat goes live on September 21st, and only for who applied for Early Access. Sooo, time flies, join Pixeos waitlist to be among the first users!✊

Three excellent artists who make you stop scrolling

Let’s have a look at exceptional artists and their pieces that we’d like to highlight. 😊


LoveArtHate, who works in different techniques from glitch to pencil, has started the art journey back in 1989, and in 1998 was already experimenting with digital art. This artist is inspired by pop surrealism, minimalism and knows how to make you stare in the screen watching his animated artworks again, and again, and again.

Ha.i.LowsEVE by LoveArtHate

Angie Taylor

Angie graduated from art school in the 1980s. In the 1990s she was a motion graphic designer and Adobe artist, that’s also the time when Angie started teaching other animation and art. Nowadays she creates remarkable digital sculptures and various 3D art-pieces. Angie makes you really feel the emotions of the artwork, doesn’t matter if it’s frustration, anger, or pure joy.

WTF?! by Angie Taylor (original artwork is animated)


With 3D, ink, and symbolism of his artworks, fabiello breaks the wall between physical and digital art. His artworks have more than just a visual part, they transform the usual objects giving them new meaning.

the view by fabiello

Epix builds an ecosystem of professional NFT apps and marketplaces powered by the Flow Blockchain. Connecting brands to fans through digital assets.

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