Pixeos Monthly Digest — July 2020

Monthly Highlights — Hard Work Pays Off

Hello everybody,

this month was hectic and we were heads-down developing, strategizing, and closing new ARTnerships. Luckily it’s time to breathe out, and we are already excited about August!👊

Let’s jump into our monthly digest of July!

Tech Development done right

Our dev team was on fire this month. Enough said, just look at what was delivered:

📍MP4 support! From now on our artists and collectors can enjoy full video experience in the gallery. The same 35MB rule applies, as usual, so let’s storm the gallery with brand new quality content, now with video and sound!

📍Stats on the front page. Now you can see the gallery’s all-time progress on the main page, in real-time. For those curious at the moment of publication, the stats are as following: Published Artworks — 750, Creators — 102, Artworks sold — 341, Total earned — 1957 EOS and 28911269 PIXEOS.

📍Email notifications improvements and a bunch of bug fixing.

These and other small updates on the Gallery Version — Leonardo “Every frame a painting”. Cheers, dev team!

New ARTnership with White Page Gallery/s

White Page Gallery/s artists know for sure what inclusivity and new digital opportunities mean for the artists and collectors. Their efforts are directed to offering artists of their network exhibition opportunities and professional assistance without the aim of profit. Our initial integration will start with the help of Domenico Barra, also known as Altered_Data. Together we will be addressing the problems of monetization of digital art, education, and onboarding of the artists who are not familiar with blockchain. More details in this article. Exciting times!👏

Migration to the UX Network

For all the Pixeos users, HODLers and supporters — things will only get better, believe us!

What does this migration mean in a nutshell:

  • Pixeos is building the most innovative art token ecosystem never before seen in the art world. The Art Coin is coming!!! A balanced and vertical economy where every actor plays an important role and gets rewarded. Incentives all around for artists, collectors, and stakers.
  • Pixeos becomes fully compliant, so all the gates are open for us to enter the real art industry. Mass adoption alert!
  • Art will be more protected. The artists’ verification process will be enhanced, leaving no space for counterfeits or impostors.

Fasten your seatbelts ✈️

Five excellent artists to admire

As usual, it’s time to get to know better exceptional good artists that made this month brighter🤠!


Yalo is a digital artist based in Ukraine, with classical art education working in different techniques from 3D sculptures to animations. In his artworks, the artist plays with the angles and the colors, often creating mixed media: 3D modeling, rendering, generative texturing, and sounds.

Gala Mirissa

Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona and Reus (Tarragona). Her artworks are diverse and the artist gets inspiration from different sources from painters of British Aestheticism to current events. The result is always the same — Gala’s art pieces won’t leave you apathetic.


Surya is a digital artist based in Indonesia who doesn’t stop to surprise us with multiple styles from art collages to beautiful abstract and fractal animations. His art pieces are telling us stories, originating in English novels, artist’s personal experiences, and much more.

Domenico Barra

Domenico Barra currently lives and works in Italy. His artworks have been exhibited internationally; from Berlin to Taipei. Domenico teaches glitch art and dirty new media at the Rome University of Fine Art. His pieces are gems that show artists’ experiments with noise generated by the machine, errors, and glitches.

Ana Alcántar

Ana is a Mexican artist, usually working with a ballpoint pen in the paper, adding final touches in photoshop.

Monthly Digest highlights a selection of curated news and updates happening in the Pixeos gallery. Check our website for more info. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or join our Telegram group.

Have a great August, and stay safe!

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