pixEOS Monthly Digest — June 2020

Monthly Highlights — Ready, Set, Create

From gallery highly anticipated search implementation, Pixeos ARTnerships, to contests both finished and freshly started, check out what’s going on in the Pixeos Gallery ecosystem for June 2020.

Canvia ARTnership

Last week Pixeos announced the ARTnership with Canvia. We believe that’s a revolution on how authentic digital artworks can be displayed.

  • Integration: Pixeos and Canvia systems will be integrated to assure blockchain provenance to digital displayed artworks;
  • Pixeos artists and artworks to be displayed in the Canvia collection;
  • Pixeos collectors, with the push of a button, to be able to display on the Canvia frame their Pixeos collection, EXCLUSIVELY.


Last month, Pixeos concluded two art contests and launched the win a Canvia Frame collectors contest.

Tech updates: Better gallery organization and search tune-ups.

To improve the gallery experience our tech team has been hard at work to deliver a better platform organization.

Firecracker by cechk and iH0DL

Artists of the month

As usual here is the chance to admire the artists who made us say ‘WOW’ in June, show them some love!

A colorful guy… by Luqaz
Rato Bitcoin by jaodasartes (original artwork is animated)
SpaceFarce by Collin (original artwork is animated)
Full concept by GrayMask (original artwork is animated)

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