Pixeos welcomes first-ever physical artist to its gallery!

Meet Natalia Gedranovich!

Silence (2017) by Natalia Gedranovich. Oil, canvas. 100x75 cm. On sale in Pixeos Gallery

Pixeos, an art, and collectibles company is proud to announce a major development update — Pixeos proprietary NFT tech now connects to Near Field Communication tags powered by Caer Sidi to assure immutable digital provenance to physical artworks and life long royalties traceable via a distributed ledger.

We are thrilled to welcome our first physical artist, Natalia Gedranovich from Belarus!

Pixeos is honored to have such a great artist joining this new initiative so we asked Natalia to tell us more about her art and herself in a short interview.

Late apples (2020) by Natalia Gedranovich. Oil, canvas. 60x45 cm.

Q1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your art journey.

A: My father is a famous sculptor in Belarus, Pavel Luk. As a child, I spent time in his workshop, later I began to attend an art kids club. And after starting my 5th grade studying in Akhremchik Gymnasium-College of Arts, I already had no idea what else I could do besides painting.

Apple orchard (2020), Oil, canvas, 60x60 cm.

Q2. Where did you study, what has influenced your style, where do you get your inspiration from?

A: After college, I spent 6 years studying at Belarusian State Academy of Arts. It was a time of hard everyday practice: we were spending 8–10 hours per day in the workshop, traveling for the plein airs, and participating in our first serious exhibitions. Certainly, the academic school gives you a lot in terms of how to organize your work and treat it professionally. It sets the bar high right at the beginning of your creative career.

My art style is realism, I see myself as a successor of Belarussian national painting traditions.

The fog (2019), Oil, canvas, 100x75 cm

A lot of things inspire me: our amazing nature that shows the bright sides of each of the four seasons, my kids and family, hiking, and traveling.

Q3. How do you create art, how long does it take?

A: If we are talking about the full lifecycle of creation of the artwork then in my case it’s a relatively long process: up to a few months.

First, you need to find a nontrivial plot, make sketches and outlines. Considering the fact that this part of work is in the field, and the result can be affected by many factors such as weather, light, season, and other things — that is the most complicated and unpredictable stage. I love transitional states of nature the most, for example when winter turns to spring and you can catch snow, green grass, and bright sun at the same time. But the moments like these are usually fleeting which makes my mission more complicated. After that, I work on searching for proper format, right delivery, and placement of accents. And only after all of these my work with oil and canvas begins.

Q4. How do you like Pixeos & Caer Sidi initiative of creating new ways of ensuring authenticity, verifying, and distributing physical art?

A: Technologies change our life, our work, and world perception in general. Many things that used to be considered as the toys for passionated geeks now are the must-have attributes of a modern person. The products of Pixeos&Caer Sidi might become catalysts of the beginning of serious transformational processes in the art market. I am thrilled that I can witness it within and become a small part of these processes.

Q5. Tell us a bit about ‘Silence’ that will be the first-ever phygital artwork presented in Pixeos.

A: A few years ago I was walking along the winding in the forest Volma river, late autumn it was. Nature was ready for the upcoming cold, and it felt like everything froze in anticipation of winter. And suddenly I noticed an unbelievably beautiful barberry bush, striking me with its noble attire: not a full greenery already, but also not rare and withered leaves yet. It was a true decoration of the whole landscape, a sudden celebration amid numbness. That’s what I tried to immortalize on the canvas.

Natalia has quite a number of outstanding artworks, and we hope to have more of her beautiful pieces showcased in the Pixeos Gallery after the pioneer ‘Silence’.

Last years reeds (2020), Oil, canvas, 95x115 cm.

How does the Pixeos Phygital system work?

The artwork has a unique NFC tamper-proof tag stick to the canvas. The artist scans the NFC tag using our app after creating the NFT on the gallery to link the physical piece to the blockchain metadata, from this moment all information in the blockchain about provenance allows the artist and the future owners to verify immutable information and history of the artwork.

Once the piece is sold and delivered to its new owner, this lucky person will be able to scan the sticker with a smart device that supports NFC technology, opening the artwork gallery page.

Works smooth as magic :)

Please join us in welcoming Natalia and ‘Silence’ in the Pixeos gallery!

Artists who are interested in becoming one of the first Pixeos phygital artists can reach out to us at artists@pixeos.io, including the portfolio, social media links, and the country/region in the email. At this stage, only a limited run of NFC tags is available but we will collect the information of all artists for when the tags are ready to be widely distributed.

The Phygital system demands a more careful approach than digital artworks so we appreciate the patience and understanding about the distribution and artist selection process designed by our team.

Relevant links

Natalia Gedranovich

Web: https://gedranovich.by/en/paintings/

Caer Sidi

Web: https://caersidi.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/caer_sidi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caersidi/

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/zCUydSC


Web: https://pixeos.io/ ; https://gallery.pixeos.art/

Telegram: https://t.me/PIXEOS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eos_pix

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixeos.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/kKx4FFE

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